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The name for the journal comes from the town H. P. Lovecraft invented for his written works, Arkham. Ever the fan of Lovecraft and the obscure horror tidbit, I felt it was time to share my love. This journal is devoted to all things horror. There will be horror movie reviews at least weekly. I'm looking to share the love of horror, to find the obscure, the campy, the classic, and the just plain terrifying and bring it to the masses. Your reviews are welcome as well! Listings of the most obscure things you've come across or just your favorite horror movies, books, games, or art are encouraged. This place is meant to be friendly, so absolutely NO BASHING will be allowed. If people didn't have different opinions and taste what fun would this be? Now, I wanna see what scares YOU!
Rules for posting: Be honest. If the movie sucks, don't let us go waste our money on it! If you're going to give away parts of the plot, put it in a cut marked SPOILERS! BE NICE!!! You can have a difference of opinion without starting world war three, excersize this talent. Have FUN!!! This journal is about sharing the love of our common interest! SO you can make sure that everyone knows about that movie that had you peeing in your pants, hiding behind the covers, or rolling in laughter.