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"The only thing scarier than the last 12 minutes of this movie… - The Arkham Tribune - reviews on all things horror [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Arkham Tribune - reviews on all things horror

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[Oct. 11th, 2006|07:00 pm]
The Arkham Tribune - reviews on all things horror



"The only thing scarier than the last 12 minutes of this movie are the first 92."
Susperia is a Dario Argento film.  That ALONE should tell you that YES, indeed you should be checking out this flick.  Argento is without a doubt a master of horror and Susperia is one of his most hailed films!  About the movie itself, this is what you'd call artistic horror.  Everything about it is beautiful and purposefully done.  From the sets used, from the color scheme employed to the actors themselves - this flick is eye candy.  Can a pretty horror be scary?  Does arty signify less than gorey?  The first time I watched it I was creeped out.  And the coolest part is this guy can give you tons of scary atmosphere and tension building without having to resort to the cheesy tactics of today's horror.  The gore is most definately there, but the plot doesn't rely on it to scare the pants off you.  Much can also be attributed to Goblin who have done the sound tracks for so MANY classic horror movies.  The old school styles of Argento can be seen in bits and pieces of so many later works.  He was truely part of a lot of ground breaking that went on in the early 70's to early 80's.  The man is one of my top heros!  The movie does employ the occassional effect that was probably completely new and awesome at the time, but today's viewers may not appreciate it for its past glory, and there was one dreaded "bat scene, BUT, even that was well done due to the acting being realistic.  I really have to hand it to the lead actress.  She was a gem in this flick.  She blended innocent charm with an I'm not taking your bullshit attitude.  I will say this, and this isn't spoiling anything since its right in the description, the use of "witches" as the bad guy did cut a little close to home, BUT realizing that it is fiction - a movie generated to create money and scare folks - I don't really care.  In horror it doesn't matter who the "bad guy" is, there is always going to be the element of the fantastical and the down right wrong and blown out of the water.  It wouldn't sell otherwise.  I haven't seen any nuns complaining about movies about scary nuns, (there are such movies!) so I'm ok. Here's the trailer to the movie.  Argento is the must have in your collection director.  I am in the process of getting all of his movies and they will of course be reviewed so for those that just want the cream of the crop.  I did a review for The Church in my personal journal a while back and will shortly post it in here as well.  Tonight, I'm hoping to watch Deep Red, and that will likely be tomorrows's review!  This is a GREAT movie, and all levels.  Its so hard to get stellar acting in a horror flick, but this movie delivers.  GO WATCH IT!!!