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ear splitting grin [May. 15th, 2007|08:55 pm]
The Arkham Tribune - reviews on all things horror


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 sadly it was a little shorter than i would have liked, but not so short that i'm terribly pissed off about it.  i think the fiddlers green area could have been expanded, i think more of the city of the dead stuff could have been expanded.  hell, i think it was short changing to cut short the getting from place to place.  BUT all that said it wasn't rediculously short.  i mean i played it about 6 - 7 nights for several hours at a sitting.  easy was tough enough to keep me on my toes AND here's the fun bit - the first person shooter limited vision allows the zombies to sneak up on you if you're not careful and listening intently.  hell, if you're busy killing one you may not here the others.  the game doesn't have newer badder zombies and boss fights the further you go in, it relies on startle factor, on forcing you to do a myriad of tasks and become adept with various weapons to keep you interested.  in fact, i spent most of my time playing seriously stressed out.  i worried constantly about getting eaten, i cursed the zombies that  snuck up on me.  i tried to beat back the horde when i got surrounded.
the game does not have a high budget, and the textures leave a lot to be desired.  i really think that if they'd given this game more time and money it could have been a real classic.  it ties in pretty well with the movie - though a couple slight quirks are different.  annoyingly different.  in fact, its set as a prequel to the movie, which i like.  how did fiddler's green come about?  now ya know, ya know.  :)  i also think there could have been more zombies and more interactions with live people, since its supposed to be set at the onslaught of shit going down.  not everyone should be dead or gone yet right?  
however, i give this game 4 out 5 stars for concept, execusion, and creep out factor.  i can't think of ANY other game that's actually scared me - and i only play the horror games, so that's saying something really.  it gets you emotionally involved with the character.  you get truely pissed off at assholes and its a real good time all around.  it captures the romero atmosphere wonderfully and expands upon it.  finally YOU ARE the one stuck in the farmhouse with someone strange out in your yard.  you are there as the power goes out and the bad news mounts.  
i highly recomend this game, though getting a copy at a decent price is going to be tough.  it was a small times game when it  came out - only $20.  now its no longer made, and the price for a used copy generally runs $30+.  BUT its soooo worth it.  even as a rental.  give yourself a weekend to devote to it and have fun mowing down some zombie nasties!