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imprint [Feb. 4th, 2007|07:47 pm]
The Arkham Tribune - reviews on all things horror


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not in a long time has a movie seriously screwed me up like this one. This isn't so much a horror movie as a gore movie. I'll admit that movies that rely more on torture than scariness aren't as good to me. I spend more time being bothered than i do worrying that the bad thing is going to get me too (which is the thrill in watching scary movies for me). BUT, while this movie does fall firmly in that catagory - it is the first movie i can think of since i was a young girl of five watching my first horror movies that made me cover my face during parts of it. Now, i always have either my jacket (if we're at the theator) or a blanket (if we're at home), pulled up just under my eyes, just in case for the REALLY REALLY good movies. but, i cannot think of the time where i've been forced to actually cover my eyes before. i have cringed, flinched, watched squinty eyed, but always before i COULD STILL WATCH. this movie is fucked up. i, the die hard, the gore fest lover, the critquer of bloody special effects, had to cover my eyes. just for a minute - but i WAS under the blanket for a minute. now, i've seen worse torture scenes. i've seen more blood and guts and i've certainly been more scared. but this movie freaked me out. no other way to describe it. i was stressed out for a good hour after watching it. its just SO HORRIBLE. EVERYTHING IN IT IS AWFUL. not, this movie was poorly done awful, awful in OH MY GOD THAT'S JUST HORRIBLE!!! do child laws allow kids of that age to play parts like this? did they film it somewhere where the laws are not applied to kids? holy fucking god what were they thinking.
oh, as to the quality of the movie. it has as the lead male role one of my least favorite men in the genra of ALL TIME. you usually only see him in horror porn. and while this movie does have a lot of "sex" in it oddly enough he's not the one having sex for a change. i just don't get the appeal of this guy. i have never seen him not looking really old and to me GROSS. ok, he's got long hair and an unusual voice - HE'S REALLY OLD. i guess that appeals to some women. ICK!!! maybe he's hung like a horse? dunno - i usually avoid watching movies with him in them.

yeah, no shit they banned this from cable broadcast. despite my hating the main guy character, his role is minimal. the story is about the prostitute he's spending the night with. and man, is her life messed up. jeez....
while the story is an engrossing one - there do seem to be a few plot holes. but, frankly the movie is so visceral that you just DO NOT CARE. i only now think of them.
in a few scenes you see a ghost sneaking up behind the prositute - seen only by the guy but never explained. she does not resemble his sister nor his long lost love. why, did he leave his love at all, why not just take her immediately with him?
other than those things i was too distracted by the movie to notice more plot holes, but i'm sure there are more. also, WTF is up with the ending? was that really kimomo he killed or what? why the long story of the other girl then? the ending made not much in the was of sence - but by then i was still reeling from THE VERY BAD THINGS THAT CAME BEFORE. oh my god my mouth hurt for HOURS after watching this.