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DARK REMAINS [Jan. 14th, 2007|11:09 am]
The Arkham Tribune - reviews on all things horror



Offical site.  I have to tell you I haven't been this scared watching a movie in I don't know how long.  Now, my husband and I are BIG FANS OF HORROR.  We've seen a LOT of it at this point.  We know what to expect where, all the classic shockem moves, cut scenes, and lead ups.  This film takes that fact and uses it against the watcher.  You're built up and built up where you think something is about to happen, and from previous movie knowledge you are expecting a specific shot - and as  the tension increases because that shot never comes you get wound fairly tight.  And then the moment is over and you relax, and the instant you relax the movie hits you from left field.  At the same time mocking classics shots and then using your expectance of them to scare the fuck out of you.  
Aside from one character this movie was really well acted in my opinion.  I spent a great deal of time cursing at the screen - not because the film was annoying me but because I knew the characters were doing something that was going to lead to me screaming.  And SCREAM I DID!!!  It was to the point where I couldn't have my feet hanging off the couch.  The story was extremely well played out, an excelent plot all around.  Keeping you on your toes till the end!  And the ghosts?  Holy cow I haven't seen ghosts acted so well EVER.  The makeup was superbly done.  There was plenty of twists and turns to keep your mind reeling through the whole thing.  This movie was FUCKING AWESOME, a real gem, a must have for any horror movie fan.  Go watch it tonight, I just don't suggest watching it alone.