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Flesh Eating Mothers [Dec. 10th, 2006|12:48 pm]
The Arkham Tribune - reviews on all things horror


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  Well, ever had a kid that just wouldn't clean their room?  Yeah, well this movie is for you!!!  The only thing I could find for it on youtube was a clip from its showing on usa up all night.  I used to love that program!!!  LOL.  Anywho, its just gilbert gofrey saying and back to the show, repeatedly.  Really annoying.  
Basically there's a virus that only affects women who've had children.  It makes them HUNGRY.  When they run out of roast beef and tuna sandwiches little Jimmy starts looking pretty tastey apparently.  Its incredibly low budget, horribly acted and just plain freakin FUN!  I  think the best part is the cartoon view through the microscope showing the virus.  Worht watching the movie just to laugh at that.  The 80's dress and hair styles are a hoot as well.  You spend a lot of time just wondering what the heck these people are thinking.  It doesn't have a big rewatch value for sure, BUT it is totally worth watching at least once, especially for the fan of campy.  Some of it really did push my button of creep-o, but I think that has more to do with having a young child myself.  It is gorey, if poorly done, and the zombie-like moms are a hoot.  It is definately a lesser known gem, worth seeing!  Again, IF you're a fan of campy.  DO NOT go into this expecting to be scared.