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the grudge 2 [Oct. 17th, 2006|09:03 am]
The Arkham Tribune - reviews on all things horror


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Trailer.  oh yes, couldn't help but go watch this one.  And you have to watch it, because SAM RAIMI has a hand in it!!!  Sam, Sam, he's our man!  LOL.  I have to say the very first scene in this movie is my favorite (I've been speaking highly of the frying pan as a weapon for YEARS).  Its harsh and aburt and sets the tone of the movie immediately.  
Well, we saw this flick in the theator on the 13th and there were 8 million teeny boppers in there, and I think they all sat to the left of us.  They were loud and annoying and screamed the WHOLE TIME.  I think I might have found the marginally scary scenes more scary if I weren't so busy laughing at these kids!  The only reason I would recommend seeing this film is if you see it in the theator.  Cause the loudness and the biggness of the screen are the only hope this flick has of scaring you.  Don't get me wrong, I really liked the movie on some points.  It was a LAUGH RIOT!!!  But scary it was not, as far as I'm concerned.  

OH GOD, the girl who like downs a whole gallon of milk and then proceeds to puke it gulp by gulp back into the bottle!!!  NIGHTMARE (but i have milk issues, lol).  and in the movie you're looking at three sets of stories all interwoven, which was an aspect i liked.  because if you don't catch one line you're completely guessing at the time frame of all of this stuff and its really fun.  i liked the people they had playing the three main people from each of the stories.  I DIDN'T like that they changed from the bodies of the victims being found, to the vast majority of them "vanishing."  I did REALLY like the girl telling her mom off in the end (I cheered loudly).  It is not the movie the first one was.  They let you see the dead girl up close far too often for her to have the same effect.  BUT, some points in favor, the movie does try and explain a lot of things from the first movie.  Tie up a lot of loose ends, and I liked that aspect.  I mean if anyone died a nasty rageful death then from watching the first movie you'd assume that a lot more of this should be going on in hong kong.  this circumvents that issue.  the noise the chik makes, that's explained and I liked that part.  But, some of the stuff that was really meant to be scary just turned out comical.  I think Sam may have something to do with that (Evil Dean and all). 
But, on the whole it just wasn't scary.  AND, they started screwing with the old plot.  Suddenly things don't work in the same way they used to and that kind of detracts from a movie I think.  come on people, pick a theme and stick with it!  I do feel really bad for a few people in the film, they got SCREWED.  And it does NOT end on a happy note - a + in the films favor.  ICK, I can't say a lot for the movie other than I liked it, but only liked it enough to buy it basically to complete my set.    Go watch it, its worth seeing at least once - just for the great laughs!!!  Also, some good old karma punching people in the face.  I did like that aspect too!  All right kids and kittens, that's all I've got to say about this one.  Here's the promotional website!  http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/thegrudge2/